Caring For Your Basket

Bolga Baskets require little maintenance.  Still over the years it may feel softer.  Unfortunately, that can happen with age!  Maybe it came misshapen over the years.  Don't worry, this is easily remedied by following a few simple steps.  In no time at all your basket is returned to it's former glory!      

  • Dampen  Spray a fine mist of water inside and out, or a quick turn under the shower.  You want the fibres to feel malleable, not saturated. 
  • Reshape if necessary.
  • Dry On a warm day hanging on a washing line is ideal.  On cooler days pop in an airing cupboard.  Always make sure the basket is completely dry to avoid the basket going mouldy.     
  • Magic your basket is as strong as the day you bought it. ready to last a few more years!