Energy Saving Hammam Towels

With energy prices set to soar again this April and the higher cost of living, it's no wonder people are scratching their heads thinking about ways to reduce costs.  


This year many of us may need to be more careful with our finances, which is why I wanted to share at least one energy saving tip that may help some of you out there.
You step out of the bath or shower, wrap yourself in your cosy fluffy towel. It feels great but in a matter of minutes you're dry and the towel returns to the bathroom. Traditional bath towels carry a lot of bulk they take up real estate in our homes and our washing machines.  

Hammam Towel

Hammam towels on the other hand are flat woven, which means their footprint takes upto 50-70% less.  You end up with more space so you can fit in more items and reduce the number of times you switch the washing machine on.  Energy consumption is reduced and that has to be good news for you and the environment. 

Below, image of Coast and Bubbles from our bathroom (left), demonstrating how these two hammam towels take up the same space as one of our traditional bath towels.  
Quick drying: without the bulk they take around a third of the time of a terry towel to dry.   There is no need to tumble dry them but if you do then the results are quicker. 
Outdoors they dry in no time, twenty minutes in the summer longer in the winter of course!  Don't have a garden? Not a problem just hang them indoors.  

Why not give it a try?

If you have a hammam towel lurking around in the cupboards, waiting for that next travel adventure, why not dig it out and give them a go?
Set your expectations. They won't feel lofty but they are soft and absorbent and improve the more you use them.  The point here is that these towels can help reduce energy consumption, so costs go down and we do a bit more for the environment.  
I'm so passionate about these towels. They're versatile and practical.  If you don't own one yet and you're interested, there are so many to choose from online.  Always check out reviews and look for good quality. Like anything do your research.  However, if you like Coast and Bubbles click here to visit our website.
Need more energy saving ideas? The internet is full of them but you can also check out Ideal Homes tips and the Which website provides some insights into the running costs.
Happy laundry days smile


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