Homegirl London Reviews Our Hammam Towels

We love it when people get as excited about our products as we do! We're passionate about Hammam Towels and the beenfits they bring and it's good to see influencial bloggers echoing our thoughts.

We sent some of our favourite Peshtemels to Homegirl London. She has a beautiful London lifestyle blog, so it was fantastic when we made the front page.  We love the photos she took of Lorima towels, looking very much at home, in her stylish London apartment. We've featured our favourite photos from the selection she took in our post. Thanks Homegirl London!

Homegirl London was thrilled to receive a beautifully wrapped package containing some of our new Summer 2020 range of Hammam Towels, including: Aztec in Blue, Coast in Turquoise, Bubbles in Grey, Wave in Grey and Kali in Grey. We've always thought the Hammam towel was a great addition to the house as well as the perfect beach towel and Homegirl London agrees. Not only do they look awesome in a stylish bathroom, they're very practical too and we couldn't agree more with her feedback...

'The reason why I love them so much is that they are less bulky than regular towels, so they dry very quickly... if you live in an apartment with limited laundry drying options, you will appreciate the speedy drying time'.

We're committed to offer great quality products, so it's great when a savvy, style conscious blogger agrees.  In Homegirl London's own words

'The Hammam Towels I received from Lorima are so much better than the ones I already had. These are high-quality, ethically sourced and 100% Cotton. The designs are gorgeous, so they look beautiful in your bathroom and other rooms.'

Needless to say we're glowing after a feature like this. You can see the whole review here plus lots of other interesting blogs.  Enjoy!

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